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From local cuisine to lunch with a view: The first week of food in Dar!

Within the first week of being in Dar, I have tried everything from local street cuisine to high-end food with a view. There were three restaurants that really satisfied the palette, introduced me to the local cuisine, and blew my mind away with how stunning the view was. Jackie’s Pub: The pub is situated near... Continue Reading →

40 hours later… Karibu Dar es Salaam

From the time I left Minneapolis airport to the time I arrived in Dar es Salaam at the Amariah Hotel, 40 hours had passed. Best part was, nothing went wrong. When I arrived in Addis Ababa International Airport, my eyes were heavy, but my spirit was high knowing the 14-hour flight from Chicago had finally... Continue Reading →

That First One – About Me!

About Me! Somehow three weeks of fun-employment felt like 2 days… but the time has come to finally leave home once again for a new adventure, this time to Dar es Salaam Tanzania (more on that later). Welcome to the AroundAroundTheWorld blog! Here goes the introduction… Personal My name is Matt Arends and yes, it... Continue Reading →

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